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Opinion written by Pastor Rich Redmond Executive Editor, MEG

77 years after African American baseball legend, Jackie Robinson broke America's "color line" in MLB, his suffering, ridiculing, degrading, and being called Nigg** by racist non-Black people every time he stepped on the field; seems to be all forgotten by today's Chicago's Cub and White Sox's Non-Black teams.


The MLB season has started and there has been no reporting about Chicago's officious act by TV news Sportscasters, even those of African American descent.


MEG cannot help but ask, "What about the Black fans of these teams? Are we still comfortable as ticket season holders and buying tickets to attend their games, watching or recording their TV games from the comfort of our homes, knowing we will not see one player of our race on the field?


The owner of the White Sox is meeting with the Governor to convince Pritzker that his team needs a new stadium to be paid for in part with taxpayers' money. He has no Black players on his team but still wants the tax dollars of Blacks to help pay for his newly proposed stadium.


There are a couple of things in this story for Black Chicagoans to think about very seriously: 1) If you support neither team financially to whom are you giving your money? 2) Could it be, that the Cubs and White Sox are setting a precedent for the rest of MLB teams to follow?

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