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The Following Seven Suggestions Are Offered to Help Address Crimes Committed by Juveniles Under Legal Guardianships:

1. Have intimate and honest talks

   with family members about

   using guns to resolve conflicts.

2. Encourage immediate and

    extended family members who

    are using guns to STOP!

3. Explain the danger that will

    come to other family members

    when any member(s) use guns;

    including the harm or possible

    death of innocent loved ones

    in cases of rival retaliations.

4. This includes how innocent

     loved one can become

     "unintended" targets when seen

     publicly with targeted family

     members who use guns.

Remember, That the

Value of 
a Family Unit

Is Measured as a Whole and

Not By One Member Only.


5. Targeted family members

    should consider not being

    around loved ones, e.g., at family

    outings, in cars, or standing on

    corners knowing that they are

    being targeted by rivals who will

    shoot at them regardless of

    whoever may be near them. 

6. Legal Guardians should firmly

    advise all members to tell the

    entire family if any member is

    involved in a shooting.  This will

    help prepare every member for

    the unexpected and could keep

    danger away from the doorsteps

    of the family's home. 

7. Guardians should explain fully

    to the entire family about the

    dangers of keeping secrets from

    the family about any members'

    involvement with guns or gangs.

    Members who are involved

    should "man up" and remember

    that it was they who chose this

    lifestyle and not the innocent

    loved ones of their family. 

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