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The Co-Founder of the Media Editing Group (MEG) is Rich Redmond

Redmond is a former WLS-TV news journalist and a long-time member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ - Chicago Chapter).

He is noted for his work as the National Co-Strategist to make the birthday of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a national holiday. He worked under the leadership of National Strategist and Publicist, O'Field Dukes. Redmond also worked directly with other renowned individuals including Mrs. Coretta Scott-King to secure the holiday.
He served as Media Advisor for Congressman Harold Washington's 1982-83 mayoral campaign and as Aide to Mayor Washington, Chicago's first Black Mayor from 1983-1987.  One of Redmond's duties as Mayoral Aide was to co-produce the creation of a bi-monthly historic five-radio-stations simulcast for Mayor Washington called "The Mayor's Report."
The simulcast proved to be a formidable weapon against Chicago's mainstream news outlets' negative coverage of Mayor Washington and his administration regularly reported during his first term in office (1983-1987).
Following Washington's death, Redmond continued as Mayoral Aide to Mayor Eugene Sawyer (1987-1989) and as a Community Consultant to Mayor Richard M. Daley (1989).  Redmond resigned from the Mayor's Office in 1990.
Along with other former TV news journalists, Redmond created what is known today as the "Media Editing Group" aka "MEG," a non-partisan community organization that critiques journalism practices of Chicago TV news broadcast stations.  As MEG is now in its 14th year, its sole purpose has always been to "Defend and Protect the Image of the Community" (D.P.I.C.), a motto that is symbolically represented in the CREST of MEG illustrated below.
Redmond also currently serves as an "Associate Producer" for WVON-1690 AM radio's "Kendall Moore Show," which can be heard every Friday,  from 6pm to 9pm.  Periodically, on the show, Redmond presents what is called "The MEG Report."  Continue to follow the MEG website for updated information on "The MEG Report"
MEG - CREST - D.P.I.C_edited.jpg
MEG - CREST - D.P.I.C_edited.jpg
MEG - CREST - D.P.I.C_edited.jpg
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