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MEG Critique Only What TV News Stations Choose to Include in Their

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As MEG is now in its 11th year, it will continue its daily practice of watching and documenting negative and positive news stories about the African-American community as reported by all five Chicago TV news stations.  See the chart below for our latest weekly report.

MEG'S “FAMILY VALUE” Initiative asks all family units to help decrease societal violence by having intimate discussions with their own members whom they know could be living a violent or unlawful public lifestyle.    

Pastors Edwin Perry, Paul Jakes, Jr., and Rich Redmond talk with LeeAnn Trotter, Host of WMAQ-TV'S "The Path Forward," about the “Family Value” Initiative. The one solution missing in Chicago’s strategy against gun violence.

Suggestions made in the initiative include 7 easy steps for families to take, that will work exclusively within the confines of family units, pose no outside threat to family members, and addresses family morals without blame.



Here are Seven Things "Family Value" Asks of All Families:


1.  Have intimate and honest discussions with family members about having guns and using them to resolve conflict.


2.  Encourage family members, both immediate and extended, who are using guns to stop.


3.  Explain the danger that can come to other family members from one member's use of a gun; including the harm and even death that can come to innocent loved

     ones when rivals retaliate.


4.  Explain how loved ones become "unintended" targets when seen publicly with targeted individuals.


5.  Explain how the violent lifestyle of gun users may require the users to limit their time around loved ones and how loved ones may not be able to associate with

     them publicly because of the risk.  This could mean avoiding public family gatherings, sharing car rides, walking together publicly, sitting on front porches, etc.


6.  Be firm about family members informing others in the family if or when they are involved in a shooting or killing.  Doing so could prevent danger from coming         to the doorsteps of your family's home.


7.  Finally, explain to all family members how dangerous it is to keep secrets for any member whose wrongdoing can hurt the entire family and they refuse to warn

     other family members themselves.  Try to remember that the value of a family unit is measured as a whole and not by one member only.


Proactive, Knowledgeable, Teachable, and Preventable is the "Family Value" way.


"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...(KJV, Hosea 4:6)

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MEG documented the following news stories from June 06, to June 12, 2021.

04 Negative news stories that impact the image of the African-American community.

14 Negative-But Informative news stories that impact the image of the African-American community.

09 Positive news stories that impact the image of the African-American community.

The daily breakdown and weekly totals for all 5 Chicago TV News Stations are as follows:  On your Mobile simply Tap to Open.


The Mission of the Media Editing Group (MEG) is to hold local broadcast TV News Stations accountable for questionable journalistic practices that could have a negative impact upon the commonwealth, image, social, and civil developments of local communities.

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